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Ok, so…look…first thing — we’ve all seen it…the blog jumps from week 8 to week 11. Start of a new term, and I’m resetting the numbers in line with the Weeks of the Term for ease of submitting. God…my OCD is showing 🤪. This really shouldn’t have been the first thing…I just….I couldn’t get past it. Right. Moving on.

Also, for those continuing reading, the research project went really well! We were really happy with our Presentation and our Feminist Chatbot (our “artefact”). It’s actually been really great to get to know some of the people in the Class! COVID has made it quite tough to get to know people on the course, so working closely with a small group really was a joy.

Well, we’re back! Term 2 (week 11) started last week. Over the Xmas break we had our Creative Coding end of Term project to make. A 2–3 minutes Projection Mapping piece. My Partner and I had a really hard break — we moved house on the 21st, which would’ve been ok on it’s own, but we were also dealing with some really emotionally overwhelming stuff, so that made it all extra exhausting. Was really happy with my Creative Coding project in the end, put in many many hours, so I’m glad to have come out the other side with something I’m proud of.

However, all that being said, because I was so down to the wire with that big Creative Coding project, it meant that I didn’t do the class prep/reading for this class. It literally is as simple as I forgot it was a thing that we did, so I showed up having done zero prep. Immediately on the back foot in the class where I’ve been struggling to connect with the material, I didn’t even give myself a chance to! Couldn’t be more my own fault.

So…that wasn’t the best foot to start on! However, I found the lecture really helpful. To have a proper talk through the upcoming individual research project, and research practices was really great! I think I’ve got an idea for my Project already, but I’m not sure if it fits the bill just yet. I think I’d like to research Drummers/Percussionists who incorporate Visuals in their performances. Looking at the possibilities that different artists achieve with different setups and programs, and the limitations within the genre and programs available. It’s very much my journey into Computational Arts, and ultimately what I’d like to be doing with my knowledge learnt on this course, so it makes sense to me to play to my strengths of knowledge, and follow where my interest is. Maybe I’d open it up to “Musicians” rather than “Drummers/Percussionists”, because there’s a lot of people doing amazing stuff with Modular Synthesis and Visuals — but maybe the specific look at Drums/Percussion would mean my project would be more in depth. For my artefact I could built versions of these Musicians setups…hmm…this is starting to look pretty good actually!

Anyway, I feel like I’ve been sidetracked here…but at the same time it’s nice to be excited by an idea, so yay! And in other news, for this week, I’ve DONE the reading! Class starts in an hour, and I’m actually prepped. So, let’s dive in to some Computational Arts Based Theory and Research!!

As Richard Ayoade would say: Thanks for reading, if indeed to still are.

Diary of a Computational Arts student and Former Musician 🙃