Hello reader, and welcome to the final chapter!

This is the last week of Blog posting for the Computational Arts Based Research and Theory Module. I think it’s pretty clear from my content that I’m not a totally fluid and natural blogger, so even though I COULD continue to update those of you who care to read this with the progress as we shift into the end of term project and how that all goes, I realistically won’t — so it’s best we say our goodbyes now :’(

It’s been a real mixed bag for me this module. I definitely…

Hey there followers! Hope everybody’s keeping well

Week 17. It’s really flying by! This week our lecture was about Computation and Object Oriented Ontology (OOO) & New Materialism.

Preeeetttty dense if I’m being honest. I’m really glad that Mattia drew parallels between Object Oriented Ontology to Object Oriented Programming — it was really helpful as a way of grasping what feels suuuuper abstract to me, by relating it to something that I understand so factually in a logical and mathematical way. Still though…preeeetttyyy dense.

I’ve been kicking on with the research project though, and it’s proper interesting! I’m really interested…

The title of this week’s lecture was Becoming Computable and Witnessing. And this is what ties allllll the things we’ve been talking about together — sensors/sensing, the notion of touch and haptics being made computable by constructing what the subject is, how it all goes hand and hand with marketing etc etc etc…

You might be asking, as I was, what does “Becoming Computable” mean?

It is to see things in such a way that they can be imported into a digital environment and used for modelling.

So…Sensors/Sensing technologies take data (e.g. CO2 levels) and in the process of that…

Screengrab of “Super Meat Boy” from “Indie Game: The Movie”

Week 15. “Critical Worlding”. I literally don’t know what to write. This was one of the weirdest things ever.

My notes begin:


  • Wide umbrella term by which to display computational artworks which use VR. Very general.
  • What does it mean to “world” or “be worlded”? Who is “worlding” who?
  • Introduced in philosophy in 1927 — the opening up of new ways of being in the world. A specific way of shaping time and space with a context
  • Heidiger (for above comment)
  • then I’ve totally lost it…bugger.

There’s a point in my notes where I got excited and thought I…

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The only Haptic I’d ever heard of until a week ago

Found this week’s lecture super interesting — it was the topic of “Haptics, Touch and Visions”. I also started auditing “Introduction to Virtual Realities” this week (a few weeks behind, because I didn’t realise we could “audit”? I still don’t really know what it means, but I’m taking that class now…so…brilliant!) so this made it even more relevant.

Technology-wise, we were mostly exploring the Haptics and recording/simulating touch, and the Vision part in all of this was mostly the relation between touch and vision — being the strongest of our senses when confirming to…

Weekly blog time — hello to anybody choosing to read this!

This week was about “Sensors and Sensing Practices”, and we were focusing on the topic of how sensors can be approached critically.

A point that Mattia was making that really made a lot of sense (and I apologise for my simplistic paraphrasing which is about to follow) was that as Sensor technology improves, the more things we can perceive in the world around us.

Hmm..as predicted, not the best paraphrasing. I sound like Karl Pilkington. The example he was using was CO2 (Citizen Sense AirKit CO2 Sensor pictured above)…

Hello, and welcome back to my page for this week’s blog entry.

The topic for this week centered around Critical Practice (also Critical Making and Critical Technical Practice). Which I have understood to be being critical of your own thinking, or being hyper-aware of the choices you’re making, and why.

However, a lot of (almost all) the places it seemed to lead did not seem relevant to me, or an avenue I’d ever be interested in pursuing. Some examples being: 1) Post-Optimal Design which was not aiming at the best possible solution for something. 2) Para-functioning Design which does not…

Screenshot of @currencyaudio Instagram post — I really love his stuff 🤩

Ok, so…look…first thing — we’ve all seen it…the blog jumps from week 8 to week 11. Start of a new term, and I’m resetting the numbers in line with the Weeks of the Term for ease of submitting. God…my OCD is showing 🤪. This really shouldn’t have been the first thing…I just….I couldn’t get past it. Right. Moving on.

Also, for those continuing reading, the research project went really well! We were really happy with our Presentation and our Feminist Chatbot (our “artefact”). It’s actually been really great to get to know some of the people in the Class! …

Hello to anybody reading this :)

Sunday night, day before our Research Project presentation — got a call with my fellow TechnoFeminists in just over an hour to tidy up the slides, and run the presentation. God, it’s actually not that long, I think the hardest part will be condesing it to be honest. We spoke earlier in the week and assigned different parts of the presentation amongst ourselves — and I’ve written like 3 pages of stuff on my 4 areas.

  1. Description of the Artefact
  2. Walkthrough of process of writing the Script
  3. Expanding on the relevance of Market Forces…

So it turns out there’s A LOT to do for the research project! There always was, really…but for some reason December felt far away. Not any more. Tis here.

I think we’re placed well for it though — bit of a mad dash over the finish line, I’m sure there’s going to be a few days of intense work ahead, but should still be time. Still compiling our Feminist Chatbot — the job I put myself forward for was the writing of the “Script”, while others are figuring out the coding/technical aspect. This type of Script writing (very “pick your…

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